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You can use the provided script helper-scripts/ to backup mailcow automatically.

Please do not copy this script to another location.

To run a backup, write "backup" as first parameter and either one or more components to backup as following parameters. You can also use "all" as second parameter to backup all components.

# Syntax:
# ./helper-scripts/ backup (vmail|crypt|redis|rspamd|postfix|mysql|all)

# Backup all
./helper-scripts/ backup all

# Backup vmail, crypt and mysql data
./helper-scripts/ backup vmail crypt mysql

The script will ask you for a backup location. Inside of this location it will create folders in the format "mailcow_DATE". You should not rename those folders to not break the restore process.

To run a backup unattended, define MAILCOW_BACKUP_LOCATION as environment variable before starting the script:

MAILCOW_BACKUP_LOCATION=/opt/backup /opt/mailcow-dockerized/helper-scripts/ backup all